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My Experience at A Favor del Niño 

I attended this institution from Preschool to Liderazgo Joven. Every day, I stayed at the facilities from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. The school provided us with food throughout those hours (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and after our regular classes we had extracurricular activities. In addition, they took us on field trips where we got to know many places and people. I am incredibly grateful to AFN for these experiences. I recognize that it is a great school and I am very fond of it. There I learned about respect, gratitude and –being a Catholic school–, about thanking God, going to church, and preparing for my First Communion.

I loved many areas of the facilities such as the courtyard, the gardens, the classrooms, the orchard, the field, the dining room, and the chapel. All of this, along with the School for Parents meetings, speak highly of them, as they always put the children first.

Thanks to the education I acquired during my stay at this institution, I was able to enter a private middle school on a scholarship, where I also completed my high school studies. At present I am still studying to get my degree in Architecture.


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