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Your generosity is deeply appreciated, as it positively impacts the lives of numerous young girls and boys in Mexico.

A Favor del Niño holds official authorization from the SAT (Mexican Tax Authority) as a qualified charitable institution.

Once you've made your donation, please don't forget to request your tax-deductible receipt by reaching out to us at

There are two ways you can make a donation:

1. Directly through our online platform by clicking the 'DONATE' button below:

$10 (Ten USD)

$20 (Twenty USD)

$30 (Thirty USD)

$40 (Forty USD)

$50 (Fifty USD)

$100 (One hundred USD)

$200 (Two hundred USD)

$500 (Five hundred USD)

$750 (Seven hundred and fifty USD)

$1,000 (One thousand USD)

$15,000 (Fifteen thousand USD)

2. By making a transfer to our bank account:

Bank: Citibanamex

Beneficiary: A Favor del Niño, I.A.P.

Bank branch: 515, No. de cuenta: 515

Interbank Key/CLABE: 002180051500005155

RFC: FNI410908EZ4

Send us your receipt attached to the email in which you request for your deductible receipt.

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