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A Favor del Niño

is strengthened by people who want a better future for Mexican children and by those who contribute to the work of the institution, supporting it as social service providers or volunteers


We look forward to being a part of your educational process and for you to be a part of A Favor del Niño! We accept social service providers with degrees in Education, Pedagogy, Psychology, Nutrition, Administration and Graphic Design.

We have agreements with the following universities


If you are a high school student, you can live the CAS (Creativity, Activity and Service) experience with us!

Contact us for more details: desarrollo@afavordelnino.org.mx 
55950377 ext. 113



We have different ways of volunteering! You can join the one that suits you best!

Your support is very important

Individual Volunteers

You can support us as an individual on a one-time basis, or recurrently –as part of our programs–. We are open to proposals of special activities that will enrich the formation of our children.


You can check out our activities below.

Group Volunteers

Join your group of friends, family, or neighbors! We can schedule a unique day for you to participate in activities that will strengthen the institution, or you can create a proposal. You can check out our activities below.

Corporate Volunteers

You and a group of volunteers from your company can come to a unique day of volunteering that will positively impact both, our community, and the members of your volunteer group.


You can check out our activities below.


A Favor del Niño has fixed needs in which we require support. Voluntary actions can be aligned with these, but are not restricted to them only. We are open to implement proposals contributed by volunteers.

Contact us for more details: proyectos@afavordelnino.org.mx

55950377 ext. 121


We are thrilled to be able to help AFN with our efforts, since it is a well-organized institution with positive results for the children and families that belong to it.

-“Girasoles” Volunteer Group.

Working with all the people who make up a community that is always full of projects, enthusiasm and hope to benefit our children, is a gift that has given me many lessons and joys. I feel truly fortunate to serve as a volunteer in A Favor del Niño.


I had incredible experiences in this institution. Something that I loved and, in my opinion, is what differentiates A Favor del Niño from other institutions, is that their main objective is to make a positive change, not only in the children, but in all the people around them. This creates a unique sense of community where all members can support each other and give their best every day.  For me, it was a privilege to witness the work, dedication, and love that everyone at A Favor del Niño put into this institution. They are always open to exploring new alternatives and improving in all possible areas.




For a Better Future

Email us: contacto@afavordelnino.org.mx
Address: 860 San Jerónimo Avenue, San Jerónimo Lídice, La Magdalena Contreras, Mexico City 10200
Phones: (01 55) 55 95 03 77     (01 55) 56 68 42 58

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