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At A Favor del Niño, we hold the belief that a nation's development transcends economic indicators; it hinges on the community's capacity to come together.

Our strength is derived from individuals who envision a better future for Mexican children and adolescents. They contribute to our mission by participating as social service providers or volunteers, making a meaningful impact on our organization.


We would love to be a part of your educational journey and have you become a part of A Favor del Niño!

We welcome university students pursuing degrees in Education, Pedagogy, Psychology, Nutrition, Administration, and Graphic Design as social service interns.

We have agreements with the following universities


If you are a high school student, you can live the CAS (Creativity, Activity and Service) experience with us!

Contact us for more details: 
+52 55950377 ext. 113

Servicio social


We offer a range of volunteer options to suit your preferences. You can opt for a one-time event where you can contribute to an activity that bolsters our organization, or you can commit to a recurring engagement.

We invite you to choose the option that aligns best with your interests, and we are confident that your involvement will have a positive impact, benefiting both our community and our volunteers.

Your support is immensely valuable!

Individual Volunteering

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You can support individually.

Group Volunteering

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You can also organize with your group of friends, family, or neighbors!

Corporate Volunteering

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You can come with a group of volunteers from your company.


A Favor del Niño has ongoing needs that require support, but volunteer efforts are not limited exclusively to these. We are open to implementing proposals suggested by volunteers.

Suggested activities

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  • Engaging in group reading sessions and facilitating access to our library's collection of books and games.

  • Donating books to help expand AFN's library resources.

Enhancing Spaces:

  • Undertaking projects to paint and upgrade various areas, including classrooms, hallways, and outdoor spaces.

  • Embarking on gardening initiatives to enhance the aesthetics of our surroundings.

Fundraising Initiatives:

  • Collaborating on fundraising campaigns to support the procurement of medicines, healthcare equipment, monthly provisions, and educational materials.

Special Events for Beneficiaries:

  • Organizing and participating in special events, such as Three Kings' Day, Children's Day, holiday celebrations, and graduations, to create meaningful experiences for our beneficiaries.

Contact us for more details:

+52 55950377 ext. 121



"We are very happy to be able to help AFN with our effort, which is a very well-organized institution with very good outcomes for the children and families that belong to it."

“Girasoles” Volunteer Group


"Working with all the people who make up that community, always full of projects, enthusiasm, and hope to benefit our children, has been a gift that has given me many lessons and joys. I feel very fortunate to be able to serve as a volunteer at A Favor del Niño."



"I had incredible experiences within the institution. Something that I loved and, in my opinion, sets it apart from other organizations is that at A Favor del Niño, their ultimate goal is to create a positive change, not only in their children but in all the people around them, thus creating a unique sense of community where all its members can support each other to grow and give their best every day. It was a privilege for me to witness the work, dedication, and affection that everyone at A Favor del Niño puts into building the institution, always open to exploring new alternatives and improving in every possible way."


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